YEN PLUS, no. 3



The third issue of YEN PLUS hit bookstores last week and should be available on newsstands, etc. within the week! Thanks to all you faithful readers! There have been some questions about subscriptions and when they kick in, so for those among you subscribed when the link went up, your subscription will kick in with the fourth issue.

We’ve been getting great feedback from the first two volumes, so keep sendin’ it in! We’re always looking for ways to make the magazine better!

A lot of you have inquired about FAN ART and have already been sending your masterpieces in. We’d love to share your work with all of our readers, so when you send in fan art, please mail the release form in with your piece.

FAN ART RELEASE FORM and more info on submitting your fan work can also be found on our lovely sidebar to your right >>>


Thank you again for reading! Be sure to mail in your feedback form and leave your comments here!

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Will Parr

Yay. I’ll have to pick it up soon. I tried reading this month’s Shonen Jump recently and it just couldn’t hold up to Yen.


If you ordered by phone before the link was up (August 20) does it also kick in on the 4th issue? Thanks!


AWESOME!!!!!! im going to pick this up strieght away, and then subscribe using the postcard!!! cant wait for Haruhi aswell!!! keep up the great manga!!


Two of my three favorite series on the cover–Pig Bride’s is especially gorgeous! I just hope the Black God preview doesn’t suck me in the way Moon Boy’s did last month.


Once again I can not wait to get my hands on this Issue. Thanks for putting out quality stuff.


Will this issue be mailed to those who subscribed back in August around when the phone number was first posted here? Or is it everyone who will need to wait until the fourth one to start getting the subscription?


Hi all. Just to clarify, for anyone who ordered their subscriptions when the service went live — whether by phone or on the net — your subscription should kick in with the fourth volume. Hope that helps!

Jeffrey Gibson

What happened to the colored manga pages this month? Thats one of my favorite things that I always look for 1st. I want the colored manga pages back. It’s rare in the US to get colored manga pages and that was one part of the magazine I was really happy with. Please bring them back.


This is information I could have really used LAST week. Now every store in my area that stocked it is sold out and I had to get them to reorder it in. Lord knows how long that will take. I hate waiting 🙁


Picked up the third volume at B&N yesterday. <3

So, everyone who subscribed promptly will have to wait until next month. Got it.

What if I waited, and subscribe now (which I plan on doing within the next few days ^_^)? Can I also expect such a turnaround–i.e., my subscription wouldn’t kick in until the fifth volume? Just curious.


Since the feedback form has a Fanart back, do we need to send the release form?

Allie O.

Yay, I can’t wait to run over to borders to pick up the issue! (By the way, I got the email about the fan art form, and I will be sending it in within the week!)


john b

I picked up vol 3 today, so far I have vol 1 and 3 🙁 Yen PLus vol 2 came really early, and that was the fault of Yen Press, so why won’t they say something on their site about how to get it? Poor comunication on thier part, it’s not fair to us customers. Most stores near me still had vol 1 up to a week ago, but vol 2 mast have been a much smaller print. Come on Yen Press, put vol 2 up online for us please!


how can we find the earlier volumes. will there ever be a second printing.


Eh. I’m with you, Alyssa.
Though, the bookstores by me have been really…bone dry lately. So, I haven’t seen it there either, and I’ve been practically living there. x]
I didn’t know the subscription didn’t kick in ’till the fourth issue. I lack logic sometimes. x]
Though, that information, as well as the third issue release would have been totally awesome last week.
Still, I’m a loyal fan.


O lulz, before hand warning, LOTS of critical text~

I think this magazine has a lot of potential. That doesn’t mean it is perfect though.. For one, I think the price is a tad bit high IMO. In America, the only other magazine that compares to this one is Shonen Jump. I admit, Shonen Jump has been going downhill lately, but back when SJ was just released, the magazine was as big as these Yen Plus magazines, and for $4.99 too. Today, SJ is a little smaller than 2/3rds from its original size, now has almost more than double the amount of ads, only has one cover rather than the front and back covers, and is running its third installment of yugioh (no, that’s not a good thing), all for $4.99. It still has BIG favorites, like Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, Yu Yu Hakusho, and Slam Dunk.

I picked up issue 2 of Yen Plus, and content wise, I was very satisfied. YP has alot more pages than today’s SJ, is A LOT more diverse than SJ, and has a very unique right to left read, and left to right read. There was also no ads in between each manga, but, unlike SJ, there is no big titles, except maybe Soul Eater. There also isn’t very much in the form of articles, interviews, and such, but that may just come with being a new magazine. All of this for $8.99. (The subscription price and newsstand price is almost at a 1:1 ratio for both YP and SJ) YP is almost double the price of SJ.

Bottom line, $4 more isn’t all that bad. I only hope that in the years to come, YP will not diminish itself by adding tons of ads, and going from 400+ pages, to 300+ pages.

I’m not bashing or hating on YP, so please don’t send your crew after me. T~T I really enjoy Yen Plus and will be hunting issue no.1 and picking up no.3 and subscribing, I’m only expressing my views on this magazine. Like I said earlier, a magazine as diverse as this one has a lot of potential. Keep up the good work, and please don’t overlook my wall of text. =o


Kimberly A.

hi! I saw your third in the store for the first time! I just saw it and wanted to buy it on the spot it was so vibrant and made me crave to open the wrapping and read the various manga series inside! Sadly i had no money there lol


LOVE IT. Seriously, Jack Frost just keeps getting better and better. And the previews are great; I’ll probably end up buying both Moon Boy and Black God…keep ’em coming!


Oh I have to pick that up Wednesday…so far Nabari Nou Ou and Night School are my favorites.

I wonder why you don’t sell yourself as a “Fantasy” mag, b because most of the series are fantasy (one or two outside the genre won’t hurt it)

Last note…please get Kuroshitsuji…you can kick out one of those ecchi series with underage girls showing their panties.


vol. 3 of yen press rocks!
this issue is the first one i’ve read, and i’ve got to say, it’s awsome.
the manga’s, the news, the special interview about black god are what makes yenplus, yenplus!
Nightshool is my favorite manga, and I only started to know it from this issue!
*i was dissapointed though to see there was only 1 chapter about it. So i hope theres at least 2 chapters in the next volume.* ^_^
anyway, 100% grade from this otaku fan. hope to see more yenplus in the future!!


Awesome, I this volume at Lucky yesterday but I have no money right now so I couldn’t buy it…-sulksulk- Wish my parents would get me a subscription D;

Anyway, yeah, I got the email with the fanart release form in it today! Now everyone will get to see my One Fine Day fanart in the magazine sometime ;D LOOK FORWARD TO IT C<

Anyway, keep up the good work with Yen PLUS~!


I picked up issue 3 and eagerly await issue 4 … but I was severely disappointed by this issue when the first several pages of Pig Bride were not in color. An interview, imho, is not worth color over the comic pages. That’s one of the things that stood out to me and I looked forward to some establishing coloration.


This was a great issue! I don’t have much to say but I hope that this can keep getting better and better (for instance i didn’t really like MaxRide at first, but it’s pretty intersting now!), especially because I’m now falt broke after buying a subscription! ^-^; I just hope it kicks in for the fourth issue so I don’t have to worry about buying that one too!


The 1st 3 issuse are good, but I just wish that you guys wojuld add on when the next issuse will be out in stores so I wouldn’t have to keep stalking the bookstores.


Its true that it would be most helpful if we were able to learn when the new issue would be coming in order to buy it right when it comes out.


The release date for the next issue is in the yen plus next issue section. I’m looking at that section right now and it says October 28 for issue four. I’m curious as to how you could have missed that.


Who should we make checks out to for subscriptions? Yen Press or Yen Plus?


Hey guys. Loyal Newsstand Buyer here. I would subscribe, but I attend a college across the US from my house, and shipping stuff here is quite a pain the the ass, especially changing subscriptions. Fear not! I eagerly stalk my bookstore daily, awaiting the next issue!

I disagree entirely with InTraining. Please don’t stuff up the magazine with silly reviews and ads. (However, creator/artist interviews are freaking sweet, totally awesome, and highly encouraged! XD)

I like reading YP because of the fact that there aren’t really any “big shot” titles to “distract me” from reading the whole thing, cover to cover (besides the pull Soul Eater, Higurashi, MaxRide, and Nightschool, I guess) AND the variety YP offers (You don’t see anything besides the mainstream titles in SJ or SB, that’s for sure…).

I used to be apprehensive about the whole “flipped” factor (blame my manga prejudice), but I’ve come to appreciate all the comics in YP (Well, maybe not so much Sarasah, but maybe it’ll grow on me… :3).

I’d rather pay a “premium” of $9 (which is basically the same price as a volume of manga) for a (mostly) distraction-free manga anthology than shell out $5 each month only to skim through ads and reviews and other blabber to read the two series I follow.

One more thing: Add my vote to the “Colored Pages” petition. I wish you could use some of the colored pages you use for in-house ads for a series or two… But gotta pay the bills first, I guess?

Joshua C.

Well, it’s hard to believe YP3 was written before Comic-con… Love Maximum Ride and Abby’s Shrimp Art, the subscription price is a lil high for me right now, but I’d love to get a sub in the near future… Keep up the great work guys, and I can’t wait for #4! XD



I have a question – during the month I did not have time to get out to buy this volume. Is there any way I could still obtain volume 3?


I love this magazine! Keep up the great job!! I did miss YP1; is there anyway to get a copy dirctly from you folks? I would love to read the open chapters of these stories.
I do have a question on the release dates. In YP3 it says that YP4 would be released on 10/28. Yet when I was at the Kinokuniya bookstore in NYC two weeks ago it was already on thier shelves. And I found it at my local Wal-Mart this week. I didn’t pick it up because I did subscribe. So when when can we expect to see the magazine delivered? Before the “published” release date or after? And why the early street release? Was it a mistake in both instances?


First time YP reader…I just picked up YP4 at my local grocery store today. This was the first time I heard about it. I’m VERY glad I found it, it’s a great magazine! Shonen Jump got too old on me and was aimed at even younger kids then when it started, was really causing me to lose my interest and I allowed my subscription to run out more than a year ago. YP is the kind of magazine I am looking for, more adult type manga that is much more enjoyable and compelling! And being able to be exposed to not as much “mainstream” manga. (at least right now) My only problem, While my local grocery store had plenty of issue 4 on the shelf, they had one VERY beat up copy of issue 3 that I felt the issue was so abused, I didn’t even feel comfortable that I would get a full magazine. I am happy I was able to get issue 4, but when browsing/contacting the local bookstores, they don’t have ANY stock at all, I must be just a little too early for 4 and too late for 3.
Will there be a way to be able to purchase single copies of missing issues soon? Please?

I agree with ‘umemi’….Just a small note/suggestion, while the $9 shelf price and $50 subscription price is a bit steep, I would be more than willing to pay it if the small number of ads don’t increase like they did very quickly with SJ. If there are more ads, the price should be driven down accordingly. Thank you.


I too missed volume 1 and I’d love to get my greedy little hands on it.

I’m going to throw my lot in with Umemi. I don’t need to see a whole bunch of articles and reviews. Sure I buy ShojoBeat every month but all the extras have started to tick me off. They keep skimming down the manga sections to add more extra junk into it. Not cool at all.

Keep Yen + huge and virtually free of ads. I love virtually everything about this magazine. The manwha, the manga, and the americomi all hold a pull for me. (I actually bought this because it had Maximum Ride in it. My family is a big fan of that series)

I would say that perhaps… the shoujo/Shounen rate is a tad skewed? I’d love to see a good Shoujo title in the manga section. (Maybe get rid of Sumomomo,Momomo? That title just kinda… squicky for me)

Otherwise… keep up the good work! I’m eagerly waiting for volume 4! <3


Higurashi when they cry volume 1 is said to be released in november according to the site so will they discontinue it when that happens, I would rather not want to have to buy the tankoban manga in order to finish the story. Also is there any chance that more chapters could be included in the magazine. If it seems that it is going strong I will probably buy the subscription


I love the mag so far but I’m really dissapointed that the second issue was no where to be found in my area. I even work in a bookstore but we can’t control what magizines are carried.

When will you create a way for those of us unable to get an issue to buy it online or by some other means?

I don’t want to keep buying it if there’s no way to pick up missed issues.


I checked and unfortunately there is no way to order previous issues through our distributor. You may still be able to find back issues if you go to your local comic shop (I know the one down the road from me still has a few copies of #2 floating around) or find an independent seller on the internet. Or maybe you can contact some fellow reader who will be willing to sell you theirs…? I know #2 landed on shelves early, but that should’ve given it more shelf time, not less…what mysteries……

There are always the tankobans, which will release after the chapters have run in the magazine…

Again, thanks for letting us know. We’re trying our darndest to make Yen Plus a great experience, so all your feedback really helps!


Haven’t read it yet, since I saw it in Chapters and was unsure of what to think of it. I will pick it up this weekend when I head to the mall
I have also ordered the last two issues (before December) from Sakura Media (, but they don’t have any issues before that. I feel fortunate that I found the others. I agree with Nuri, in that you should have some way we can order back orders from you.


I will let you know what I think 😉


Hey guys, has issues 2, 4, 5 and 6 available for purchase. I contacted them about possibly backordering issue 3 for me but it seems the issue is no longer available to be ordered by retailers, I think it’s true since I called 3 comic stores and they all basically told me the same thing. I guess we will all have to fight for an issue if one happens to pop up on eBay. Hey Yen Plus people! We love your magazine, please please do something quick so we can get back issues, it sucks to have to miss parts of the stories.

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