U.K. Subs Now Available!

At last, those of you in the United Kingdom can subscribe to Yen Plus! Just visit Magazine Café, type “Yen Plus” in the search box, and voila! You may purchase single issues or a year’s subscription (which should kick in starting the fourth issue) through this site.

Thank you for your patience! We hope you continue to enjoy Yen Plus!


Tiamat's Disciple

The first link you posted Abby seems to be wrong, all it goes to is a load of adverts.

That said, while it’s great to finally have a subscription service in the UK, it’s a shame it’s so expensive. Americans get it for half price, we brits get it for 1.5 times the price. That’s a heft premium to pay. In truth it’s actually cheaper to rely on comic store who import it from the states, it’s cheaper and quicker.


I think you have the links mixed up? The bottom one is the UK site and the other one is the US site. Also on the banner ad’s to subscribe on the right the link (the UK click here link with the UK flag next to it) seems messed up aswell, they link to the wrong site!

Seems a little expensive to me, correct me if i’m wrong £5.90 per issue it works out at? But i appreciate that you’re trying, and the option is there! I think personally i’ll stick with my local comic shop!

Love Yen Plus, especially Nabari No Ou so best of luck 🙂 Can’t wait for issue 3!


So sorry for the mix up! There was some confusion over the U.S. version and the U.K. version of the url, but it has been corrected. If anyone in the U.K. has further problems accessing this site, please comment here and I will let our partners abroad know there is an issue. Thanks for letting us know.


Could you make it any cheaper, it is not fair that the price is nearly ( or may be it is) double expensive than US and Canada, are we “not a good friend” or st like that…


Is there any way of getting back issues? I am in the UK and really want to start getting this, but would like to start with issue 1!


magazine cafe doesn’t have yen plus. I live in the uk and i’ve tried a few times but when ever i type in yen plus in the search it can’t find it


@Frances Yen Plus is no longer available as a print publication, though you may have some luck finding back issues in smaller comic shops or online retailers.
Yen Plus is now an online only magazine, available for $2.99 per month at http://www.yenplus.com

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