Special Presents WINNERS

A great big THANK YOU to everyone who sent in their feedback form for our first issue of Yen Plus! We know you’ve been eagerly awaiting this day, the day of the big drawing! So without further ado…

Congratulations to

EMERALD M. from Manitoba!!!

As our grand prize winner, you’ve won a year’s subscription to Yen Plus! Thank you for your comments! We hope you enjoy it!

Further congratulations are in order for the rest of our lucky winners, who’ve won a pair of books from their favorite genre!

Anna L., IA
Brittany J., MD
Bryonny W., KY
Caitlin A., CA
Cassandra G., MO
Cindy L., NJ
Colin D., MN
Gabbi G., PA
Heather M., PA
Hollee O., WI
James S., MA
Janice P., CA
John C., VA
Katherine S., KS
Kelsie J., PA
Khou X., CA
Kris O., BC
Kristen F., PA
Meghan W., IN
Morgan Z., AZ
Nicole S., IN
Noah B., NM
Pan W., CA
Patricia D., TX
Rachel H., ME
Sean M., FL
Sue T., CA
Thien-Kim T., CA
Tiffany L., AZ
Whitney K., IA

Thank you again to everyone who participated in our contest. We love hearing your enthusiasm for the magazine look forward to hearing from you again!

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jordan garrett

what, no one from Georgia? …what a drag, hoping to have won something. Oh well, great job to the winners.


Sweet, I won. XD Even though I didn’t actually want to win. (I just wanted to send feedback)

Allie O.

Aw, I didn’t win. I put lots of love into that. ;-;
I hope I mailed it to the right place, though… xD; It would be a shame if the drawings I worked so hard on got lost in the stupid mail…
Anyway, Congratz, winners!


yay! finally, we see the results!
i see that my sister wasn’t the grand prize winner….that’s too bad but still, she made it as the other winners. 🙂


Whoa… I won??!! >o< */heart/smiley/*
Wow, I totally did that on a whim one day… thanks!
Best of consolations to everyone else… -__-

Tiffany L

Thank you SO much for the manga! I really enjoyed them ^_^ Congrats to all the winners, and better luck next time to anybody who didn’t win!


Will there be other contests?
I just picked up Issue Five!
First time reading your magazine, and I have to say I love it! I like the variety in it (English, Korean and Japanese)!
Keep up the good work ^-^



Yup, we are working up more contests and giveaways, so keep an eye out in the magazine (usually towards the front of side A) and on the site! Glad to hear you love the mag!

Lester Scales

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