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Wow, it’s really easy to get so caught up in the day-to-day happenings around here — especially since YEN PLUS started up — that you forget you have a direct link to talk to people about the latest goings on at Yen Press in semi-real time. So…just what is going on at Yen Press?

Well, the big news this weekend of course is the New York Anime Festival! (Hooray!) I dunno. As much as we love SDCC, I think we all really enjoy our “hometown” cons — NYCC and NYAF — in particular. Maybe it’s just because we don’t have to worry about our luggage being lost. It happened to poor Tania and myself last year at Anime Expo. I think it was the one show where I couldn’t in good conscience make snide comments about the progressively worsening odor in the hall that weekend. But I digress…

The big happenings for Yen this weekend at NYAF? Well, it you haven’t yet been introduced to our new monthly anthology, you’re in luck! We’re going to be giving away copies of the first issue to get people off on the right foot! Events? Sunday we have the Yen Press Panel at 12:30 in Room 1A24, and we’ve got a couple very cool licensing announcements planned that we think will make for some very happy fans! (I always love reading the speculation online about what people think we might announce. Last time, I think SOUL EATER was the big guess, and of course several people were correct!) I’m also on the State of the Manga industry panel Sunday morning. At least it’s not too early…

Now the really big question around our offices is whether or not intern Abby will complete the Maka costume she’s been working on so she can do a bit of cosplay at the booth. NYCC earlier this year was her big debut as Max from MAXIMUM RIDE, so of course we’re piling on the peer pressure to make her top herself. See, Abby? Now the pressure has gone public…

Beyond the con this weekend, there can of course be only one thing on the minds of the Yen Press folks in the immediate future: HARUHI!!! We’re counting down to the release of the first volume of the manga next month, and we couldn’t be more excited! The book is looking beautiful. As is our constant aim, we’re republishing the book with all of the original color pages from the Japanese tankobon intact, but as a special bonus to everyone eagerly awaiting the novels next Spring, we’re also inserting a sneak preview of the novel at the back of the manga. We really could not be more excited about finally making Haruhi available in print form to fans here, and we hope you’ll all turn out to support it!

That’s it for now. I’m off to confront the pile of books waiting on my desk, but if you’re attending NYAF this weekend, be sure to stop by the Yen booth and say hello!

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I really would want for Yen press to come to Anime Weekend Atlanta. It would gain alot of publicity, and everyone would know what I’m braging about.




When are you going to be announcing the winners of your Yen Press magazine contest? I think you’d mentioned they’d be up by September 15th.


I’m truly happy for what you guys announced today, and I wish you all the best.


Nice to hear you have the spice and wolf novels but what about the manga version?


I just started reading Yen Plus, I wanted to thank you for making a great magazine. I don’t normally read manga mags, much less manga at all, but I’m really stoked ’bout your rad mag and manga selection. Plus Korean Manga should be offered more, I’m half korean and I love some of the art styles.

mucho gracias Yen Press crew, I’ll be sure to pick up a copy every month


Yen should totally come to MTAC 2009.

And I gotta sneak me a copy of Yen Plus. I think I saw them at Borders. (Too poor to subscribe…yet!)


Hope Abby was able to finish her costume in time. I really enjoy her little comic strip =)

Amber Phillips

I’m just absolutely head over heels in love with your magazine!! I can’t wait to subscribe and everything and here I am just posting for no reason at all =D


hey can you order previous issues of yen plus?
i went to the sdtore and bought one and it turns out it was the december issues, and i never got the november issue T-T.
so now i have, aug. sept. oct. dec.
it made me cry when i realized this….
i love this mangazine, it is a new breath of fresh air in terms of a mangazine(i have collected evry single shonen jump since the 3rd issue…)


I just heard that volume 1 of the Maximum ride book is coming out, and that yen plus will stop showing MR till March 2009 🙁 but how many chapters dose the volume have? and


Love Yen Press! It’s such a great mangazine!!! And just a little hint for those who love Maximum Ride just as much as I do…The books by James Patterson are amazing! They’re such a quick read and are just flat out awesome! I read all 4 four books that have come out thus far in a week. They’re really good!


In agreement with Ashley, James Patterson’s Maximum ride trilogies beyond good. and Yen Press’s work to bring a novel to art work is incredible. 🙂


If i subcribe now, do i get the firt issue too?, i never had the chance to subcribe in the beggining :(. And I’d like to suggest to have a online store to buy the issues? something like that 🙂


I wanted to know if there will be a way to order previous issues in the near future. I missed issues 3, 4, and 5 and I wanted to get them before I start reading the issues I’ll be getting from my subscription.


Hi, I didn’t know where I could talk to you guys so I decided to live a coment on you’re blog and hopefully you will respond ^^.
At the begining I want to thank you for publishing all thouse greate manhwas. I’m a manhwa addict [go, go Korea XD).
And I want to make you guys a sugestion. I don’t know if this thing is posibel, but as you’ve may heared Tokyopop has dropped a lot of mangas. in thouse titles there were some of my favorites manhwas as well. I don’t acuse them for dropping thouse projects, I’m shure they had their reason. the thing is, I would want to see this projects continuated and finish reading them 🙂 .
The list contains the folowing titles:
~ Forget About Love [only volume 1 was released]
~ I Wish… [nothing released as far as i know]
~ Ciel [the same as for I wish…]
~ Saver [released thil volume 6]
~ The Queen’s Knight [not shure about this project, they’ve released it till volume 12, it’s really wierd to dropp it now].

So, if you guys would be interested in picking any of this projects would you be alowd to?
Are you interested in any? O.o
Thanx for reading ^^.


Hello, I wanted to ask, is it true the creator for Chocolat decided to discontinue the series? I am really sad if that is the case. Is there any news? Thanks.


It would be awesome if you guys pick up Pandora Hearts by Jun Mochizuki. I heard that it was dropped some time ago.
Hopefully Yen Press will consider it.
Thanks. 😀


I was wondering, for Higurashi what order will the volumes go after Tatarigorshi-hen? Will you go to Onisarashi-hen (One of my favorites) or will you continue on the main storyline and then get to the sidestories? And also will you license the Higurashi Novels? I really want to get my hands on them! (Higurashi fanatic) Sorry I put this here I just didn’t know where to put it.


It looks like the Pandora Hearts request was answered. Cool! Was hoping for it too!


hi Im Irusake and I was wondering if I was wondering if u could tell me if u guys actually have submissions like every time u do a magazine….and I tried to get into Yen Plus but i don’t know i got a call but i don’t know if i was an editor
But i know u guys do ur best to help creators…Well I a manga artist and I was wondering me & and friend could do a manga together and we were just wondering

Also um… Im doing a manga that my friend doesn’t know and
well I I’m thinking of send the copy to u…. thats all.


yen best manga is my first manga i ever read ! it so mean a lot to me !! i became more fascinated about jap. manga and korean !! i really like pig bride, moonboy, sumomomo momomo !! i always find myself laughing out loud when i read it again and again .. wew ..

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