Yen Plus, No. 2!


It seems that the second issue of Yen Plus is popping up on newsstands a little early this month, so if you haven’t picked up a copy of Yen Plus number 1, now’s the time to make your move. We hope those of you who’ve enjoyed the magazine will check us out again in the next issue!


For those of you who’ve enjoyed the magazine so much you’d like to subscribe,

The phone line for subscriptions is:



So get to it! We are truly sorry for how long it’s taken to get this up, but unfortunately this one was out of our hands. If Hassler hassles our subscription company enough, we should have online subscriptions up this week as well! And if you’ve been missing the little cards that fall out of the magazine, don’t worry–starting in Yen Plus issue 3, there will be subscription cards bound in the magazine, too! (One thing to note: if you get a subscription now, it won’t kick in until the third issue, so you’ll still have to pick up number 2 on newsstands.) Thanks again for your readership! Don’t forget to give us your feedback either here or or via the form in the middle of the magazine!

**Edit: Subscription number has been corrected! My apologies!

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Subscribing! Mostly because I’m a big fan of When They Cry, but the manwa and OEL are interesting and I’m thourougly hooked. I haven’t subscribed to anything in ages, so I’m really looking forward to this!

So and So

I was wondering the same about the Korean animation. They have a ton of good titles and anime on their side would be fantastic.


Thank-youuuuuuuuu!!!! This is the Magazine from Heaven.

I love the variety, It’s very audience appealing as apposed to Shojobeat, or Shonen jump. The transition from One fine Day to Jack Frost was a little weird, what is it with the Panty shots ((And later on, naked Ninja weapons?))??? Bleagh.

My favorites are Nightschool and Maximum Ride!!! I love it!!!


Okay, I really need to be able to buy the first issue!!! I picked up the second one, and it was soooooo good! I absolutely love the variety of stories, so much better than Shojo Beat. Please, someone let us know in the mag or something when back issues are sold on the website! Kya!

Lisa F

I just picked up the 3rd issue today, but it seems I have missed out on issue number 2. I got the first issue and totally loved it. I checked all the local book stores and they only had number 3 out. Is there any chance that I’ll be able to order number 2 online? Otherwise I’ll be missing an issue and be a little lost.

otaku no baka

I was curious on this magazine booklet at my local borders and was shocked to find so many good stories! The only problem is that it’s hard to find the first issue since only one retailer that I know of sells it and I really want issue one.

fifty bucks subscription for how many issues?


I picked up issue 1 when it was out and enjoy so many of the stories in it. It even inspired me to find a fan sub site to download Soul Eater. I would love to keep reading future episodes, but can’t find issue 2 to save my life. I did find issue 3 today, though. Any ideas on where I can find a copy of issue 2? I feel as though I missed something in the stories skipping like that.

Ben L

Just picked up Issue 3 at Barnes and Noble. I wonder if my subscription will start with issue 3 or 4….. Hopefully not #5.


I have 1 and 3 but missed issue 2. Is there any way to still get that? because i can’t find it.


how do i get this issue? i subscribed but i only read issue one and i just got issue 4 and i need the ones in between but i cant find them anywhere. help???????


I’m also wondering how to get issue to every other issue is easy to find on the net or in comic book stores where I live in the U.K
But I really just want issue two to read the next part of Soul Eater


I got the December issue and went looking for the other 4. And issue #2 is selling in various places for 5X the original cost. I wish I knew somewhere to buy those issues…


Will back issue be available to purchase from the site in the future? It will help out a lot. I missed getting issue #2 D:


For those looking for back issues, specifically issue 2, you can find it at

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