Yen Plus, No. 2!


It seems that the second issue of Yen Plus is popping up on newsstands a little early this month, so if you haven’t picked up a copy of Yen Plus number 1, now’s the time to make your move. We hope those of you who’ve enjoyed the magazine will check us out again in the next issue!


For those of you who’ve enjoyed the magazine so much you’d like to subscribe,

The phone line for subscriptions is:



So get to it! We are truly sorry for how long it’s taken to get this up, but unfortunately this one was out of our hands. If Hassler hassles our subscription company enough, we should have online subscriptions up this week as well! And if you’ve been missing the little cards that fall out of the magazine, don’t worry–starting in Yen Plus issue 3, there will be subscription cards bound in the magazine, too! (One thing to note: if you get a subscription now, it won’t kick in until the third issue, so you’ll still have to pick up number 2 on newsstands.) Thanks again for your readership! Don’t forget to give us your feedback either here or or via the form in the middle of the magazine!

**Edit: Subscription number has been corrected! My apologies!

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omg i want to get the 2nd issue
i was hoping it would come early this month 😑 i wanted to read sarasah so bad lol


I got the 2nd issue on Saturday…I saw an Indigo stocking it!! XD (But it was the 1st issue) I just loved to the covers on this issue…

About the registering for prizes, does that mean just for the next time you draw for something, or is it for anything you decide to give away? T_T


Raimei hasn’t even appeared yet, orz. anyway, yay for the second issue!! πŸ˜€


Ahhhh, please get the online subscription up as fast as possible. I can’t find the magazine anywhere around here, so I want to get subscribed as fast as possible. πŸ˜€


I’m just wondering, since I called for a subscription last month and you guys said you made it, will I have the second issue delivered to me or should I go buy it? XD


πŸ™ I still have yet to find issue 1
Where I live no store really has any thing related to anime/manga, well Wal-Mart has only Naruto and Fruits Basket.
But I have been searching for while I’m on vacation.
But in case I cannot find it anywhere is there any chance I could back order (or whatever the term is) issues 1 and 2?


How much would a subscription cost? I’m assuming more than Shojo Beat and less then Newtype??


I love how this sounds, the whole mag seems so great!! I havn’t gotten the 1st issue though, I just heard of Zen Plus today πŸ˜› I am going to a bookstore on friday though, but What do I do if they don’t have the 1st?? GAH!
Does anyone have sujestions for getting the issue online? I found a copy on ebay for an okay price…


gonna go pick this up this afternoon after I get payed ;D
I’m so excited now…Higurashi!!!!


I just noticed that Yen Plus #5 is listed on amazon and other booksellers’ sites with the ISBN 0759530211. Does that mean all future issues will have ISBNs and be available through regular book-market distribution channels in addition to newsstands and Diamond?


Which part of the site will we have to look to see the winners of the raffle from the first issue?


I want to subscribe, but the line is always busy, Lol.
I guess I have to wait a while. The second issue just became available at my work (Barnes & Noble), and so I picked up both 1 & 2 of Yen Plus.

I’m just waiting for either the line to not be busy, or online subscription to be available. Whichever comes first.

The price of subscription is also 50$, in case anyone was curious of the US price. (It’s stated two entries below this one.)


I was very happy to pick up issue two today…but just one comment…

“One Fine Day” and “Jack Frost” do not belong back to back… Mainly this month because it goes from cute animals to a full page of panties. Very hilarious, but awkward transition.

I’ll still be subscribing!


Hey!! I just managed to snag the 1st issue of Yen Plus before it vanished off the shelves, as I also picked up #2 the same day.

And just havin’ finished the first issue, I can tell you it’s a very strong start and has some AWESOME series in it!!

Now, I have a question I hope you guys can answer. In the mag you’ve got a page to take out to send in feedback, but I love this new manga anthology so much I don’t wanna tear it out! So, I was wondering: is it okay to just answer the questionnaire on a regular postcard–or better yet, online– and send it in to y’all?

Thank you for picking up so many amazing titles! I’m absolutely subscribing to Yen Plus!! (Gotta feed your need, right?) XD


I’m going to wait for the over the internet option. But I’m totally going to go out and buy volume 2 sometime soon.


I can’t seem to find Volume 2 anywhere for some reason. My bookstores only stock volume 1. Nevertheless, I shall keep looking!

And I like One Fine Day and Jack Frost back to back…because the ‘happy slice of life’ comic preceding the ‘bloody fighting plus panty shots’…it’s so bizarrely placed, it actually fits. XD

Anyways, I’ll be subscribing!


When sent to us by mail, will it be wrapped in plastic?

Mailbox + Yes Plus + other mail = mailman forcing everything to fit

At least in plastic, it’s less likely to be severely damaged.

Andrew Sherman

I’m still not sure whether to subscribe. If I had been able to subscribe over the internet I would probably have weakened already. My main concern is over the weirdness of Jack Frost. I can’t leave the magazine around the house lest my manga loving pre-teen will be tempted to read it and be upset. I do want something more sophisticated than Shonen Jump but what Ellie above calls “a full page of panties” makes this parent worry.


Loving the mag. And about Higurashi, both in the magazine and book form, you do realise that at this rate it wont be finished for at least five years?


No problem at all, Hassler. I found it kind of odd that the line was always busy. Then I double-checked the book and found the error. Heh.

It happens to the best of us. Don’t fret too much, abby.

Tiamat's Disciple

You can subscribe over the internet, just point your browser to They’re selling the anual subscriptions there. Sadly only for the US and Canada, us poor europeans still have no subscription service πŸ™


I saw on that if you type in Yen Press to the search the first return is a subscription, is this a true way to subscribe?


I am trying to e-mail the editor, since his e-mail is the only one that works.

I am an author; I am interested in contributing to the magazine. Please read and respond to my e-mail proposal I have sent.

On another note, great work on the magazine.



I just picked up the first issue of Yen Plus! Is the second issue out already? If it is then tomorrow I am going to go get it while I run some errands!




Cool! I can’t wait for this one. The first one was awesome so the second must be even better!
I REALLY want to subscribe, and hopefully will soon!
Can’t wait for Haruhi!!!


woot… happiness…

was surprised to see the issue on sale on the 16th… (but does this mean that the next one wont be out till the 30th of sept… I’ll go into withdraw)

also subscription,= the AWESOME!!

my shoujo beat’s subscription just ended… so I guess I’ll be getting you guys instead…

am debating getting both… it would still be infinitely cheaper than getting 1 manga takoban per month (would run me 120 dollars while subscriptions to both would cost me less than 100 dollars) and I would get like 1000 pages of manga per month… :sings:

go on go on…

also I do have one bad thing to say (gomen ne?) I really REALLY haven’t liked jack frost much… it gives me a bit of
a headache, with the confusing plot… and I feel a bit dirty reading a magazine with such obvious porn and graphic violence in one of it’s entries.

it doesn’t seem to fit with any of the other stuff..

but I guess that is kinda the point, your magazine reminds me a bit of the old garo= artistic freedom (not that I’ve ever gotten a chance to read garo… but still!!!)

I’m thinkin’ of doing some fan art ^^ it should eventually be in the mail…..,(don’t get too excited though I’m the queen of procrastination and have 2 jobs and full time school)

in the meantime you’re welcome to look at my art website ^^ (it should be at the top)


The covers look awesome for the next issue! Am very excited that Nabari no Ou is featured in one of the covers; I doubt we’ll get this new issue up here in Canada right away (they only started filling the shelves with the first issue about a week and some ago), but am totally checking out the next copy when it comes out πŸ™‚


I love this magazine and will be stopping by a near by barnes & nobles in order to purchase the second issue. Also what kinds of features will you provide for future issues. I also want more pages to possibly be included.
It is almost sure to get a subscription to your magazine.
I hope for your success.


I really enjoyed the second issue and I intend to subscribe. And though I do love that you have taken extreme liberties with your mag without editing out the naughtiness from what i can tell( i.e.near nudity, Jack Frost especially, etc) I do have to agree that as much as I like Jack Frost im already in two chapters and still barely understand what is going on, perhaps more pages would help to clear the story up faster? And while on the subject of more pages, Night School I would love to be able to read more of (im so sorry Svetlana-chan to push you harder!).Also I am SO glad you are bringing out Moon Boy 4! Ive been waiting FOREVER for it and thought it would never come out! Thank you. And again…sorry im dragging this on. Some insterts like Posters, Book marks, or other Omake for subscribers would be freaking awesome!

Will Parr

Found the magazine at my local Publix tonight. I love manga and am happy to throw money at a company like this πŸ™‚


Wow! Yuh guys already have the second issue out?! xD
Gosh, the first one was awesome. <3
Yuh gave us a bit of everything; Romance, action, ect.
Totally going to subscribe to your magazine.
I will be sure to pick up the second issue though!


Wow, am I the only one here that likes Jack Frost? I love how weird and freaky it is. I think its hilarious. I suppose having it right next to One Fine Day (also wonderful in a completely different way) does takes a bit of a gear shift though.

I love this magazine. The diversity is what draws me in, I like a lot of different kinds of stories and finding such a wide selection in one place is thrilling. Thank you so much to all the staff who worked on it!

As for subscriptions I would prefer an online option but I might just fold and call if one isn’t forthcoming.

Cjs_Jack Frost

I love this magazine. i seen the first mag. at my local Wal-mart, it looked pretty cool. when i got done reading it, i couldn’t wait for vol.2.
and now i’m waiting for vol.3. this is a really awesome magazine. i really love the Jack frost, Nightschool,Nabari No Uo, Sarsah(i can’t remember how to spell this one though….^_^)


I can’t wait for subscription cards! I want to subscribe so badly I love the magazine and I also want to send in fanart too


Picked up mine today–that Nightschool cover is gorgeous! I can’t figure out why Raimei’s on the Nabari cover when she is advertised as coming into the story in the next issue, but I figure it’s because she’s the cute girl of the story. The color pages for Nightschool were also lovely; the color palette is just awesome.

So and So

I got the second issue and i really like it.
I just wish you would show the transtion from story to the other a littler better.
And for an OT mag. The nudity seemed alittle bit extreme for OT.
I liked the volume adn plan on scribn’ as soon as I can.


I realize you’ve gotten a lot of comments concerning the feedback form in your magazine (you guys are doing a great job!) so I just wondering if you were planning on posting an online survey? Thanks!


Um….I just filled in that servey thing in the first issue a few days ago, and I sent some fan art too. I want this issue sooo bad!!!

'Da Marsh

I’ve got both issues, and I think it’s a great mag, aside from putting One Fine Day next to Jack Frost. I’ve got something on my mind, though. The manhwa stories in there are my first view of Korean comics, and I like most of what I see. Since South Korea also has plenty of animation studios doing both American and Japanese properties, I’m wondering how long before it’ll take them to put one plus one together and create manhwa-based cartoons (hmm, if anime’s the Japanese term for animation, what’s the Korean word?). I could totally see One Fine Day being shown on Nick Jr., or early mornings on Cartoon Network. Pig Bride would probably be more of a DVD release, unless SciFi’s AniMonday’s interested. Sarasah, if CN or Nick’s not interested, could probably work if say, Lifetime, WE or Oxygen decided to go after teens ot tweens. And Jack Frost? It’s got Adult Swim written all over it (hey, if they could show Eureks Seven with gore intact, Jack Frost would be a piece of cake).

Jack Stanton

I was hoping for more manga that’s not already scanlated all over the internet. Stuff like Bamboo Blade and Soul Eater will take years to catch up with whats already on the internet and published in Japan. Other than that, I love the Night School and Maximum Ride. I wish you would try to catch up the japanese stuff though so it’s not so far behind. Please consider this.


I’m loving this magazine! I bought it at my local grocery store thinking it’d be much like Shojo Beat. I was wrong, it has so many more interest ranges, it’s BETTER than SB! <333

Fav so far are Nightschool and Maximum Ride. Can’t wait for the third issue! Stayed up late last night to finish the second! XD


picked it up well my grandma did and i loved soul eater it was just hilarious and everything else in the magazine is perfect.

keep ’em coming Yen!

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