The First Issue!

Thanks to all of you who picked up a copy of YEN PLUS this week! We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoy putting it together! As always, we truly value your feedback on everything we do. Flipping through, you may have noticed the Reader’s Feedback page on 231A. Please fill it out and send it in so we can continue to provide the content you want to read! Plus, when you return the feedback form, you’ll be entered into a raffle to win free books or a full year’s subscription to YEN PLUS!

**Update!** For this month’s raffle, a photocopy of the feedback form will be just fine!

For those of you still looking for a subscription to YEN PLUS, we will have information up very soon. I know, broken record, right? Your patience will be rewarded within a week or so! Thank you!



I got the first issue! I loved it besides the fact of more Manhwa/OEL than manga. ><

Your Mom



I sent my survey thing, I was wondering any chance of having interviews with the japanese creators in future issues?


What is happening about a UK release? I notice there is a Sterling price on their but it doesn’t seem to be available anywhere over here.


You can absolutely expect to see interviews with Japanese creators in future issues. Of course they are all very, very busy turning out great material, so we just have to find time in their hectic schedules.

Do check back in the second issue, though, for our official first interview with Svetlana about her new series, NIGHTSCHOOL!


I saw a copy of your magazine at Barnes&Noble today and almost died when I saw it featured Svetlana’s new series [I met her! GAH! She rocks!] as well as Higurashi! [the anime is killer] I also felt special about being able to snag the first issue! Keep it coming! You’ll have my support in the future!

(psst…you should totally interview Svet~senei! ;D)


Jake Myler

I bought 2! I’m so excited to finally read Nabari no Ou! and it’s even more exciting that you’ll be putting it on the cover next time. This magazine is already winning over Shonen Jump that seems to either put Yugi-oh or Naruto on EVERY COVER!

scott babcock

where can i buy it? i went to wal-mart, borders and barnes-noble and none of them carried it…thx,


I was wondering, would you guys take a copy of the page? I don’t like cutting things out when they have unrelated stuff on the back…

Katherine Schlem

Dear Yen Press:

I picked up a copy of the new Yen Plus Magazine today and am already impressed by the quality of the writing and am thrilled that there are both American style and Japanese Style Manga stories in the anthology. I first came to Anime/Manga a few years back but have just recently gotten truly involved. I first purchased “With the Light”, the Manga about the Autistic Child and this is how I was drawn to Yen Press. I do have a question, though: Can a person photo-copy the Customer Feedback form instead of tearing it out of the magazine and be eligible for the drawings? I would hate to damage the magazine. If my email address is available to yen press via this form, please let me know. I hope you will take a copy.

Thank you, Katherine

Paul Newell

I second that. I really want to enter the contest, but you shouldn’t put important stuff on the back of the entry form. Can I please send a scan of it. I might want to re-read the stuff on the back of the form in the future.


Hey, do you think you’re going to put some extras in the magazine sometimes? Like posters and stuff like that?


I picked up a copy last week (got it early) and I really like it! It’s like a hybrid of Shonen Jump and Shojo Beat (which I still both love btw). I especially love how you guys mixed it up with OEL, manhwa and manga. I mostly read manga but I’ll definitely be subscribing to this magazine to get a good dose of everything = )

Keep up the great work! I pretty much enjoyed reading all of the series that you have serialized except for maybe 1 but everything else has been a good read.


I loved this first issue. All the manga was awesome. I just can not wait for issue 2. I was wondering a few things. The most important one being, was there not supposed to be a Translator Notes at the end of Higurashi. Because I was wondering about that guy who I thought looked like Colonel Sanders that Rena thought was “Adowable”. And also not everyone would be able to make a connection to what a Higurashi is. And second. Will we ever have pull out posters of the manga/manwha series? It would be so awesome to have a Higurashi poster!


I saw this at Borders…I had no idea it was even coming out. What drew me in was the Soul Eater cover. At first I thought it was a new magazine that talked about anime/manga releases, but I was happy to find out it was a new manga anthology magazine.

Please please please keep it mostly about manga. Artist interviews and such are okay, but I stopped reading other manga anthologies because they started talking about things like fashion and make-up.

Ben Y.

T_T I’m free from Shonen Jump……thank you Yen Plus people…

shannon h

I didn’t get a survey in the magazine-but it looks terrific!


I liked your 1st issue, congratulations!
I was wondering, when its going to be for sale each issue?
first, second, third week of the month??


Great first issue, I bought my copy from B&N. I loved that there were a few western authors and I thought the art in Maximum Ride was gorgeous. I agree with whomever up there said that posters and freebies would be cool, but of course manga quality and content should always come first.

Thanks for the awesome mag!


Sweet, photocopy is fine. Next issue, you could put a double-sided form to collect more information and keep other contents from being lost.


So, I was browsing through Borders when I saw this magazine. I had no idea something this cool had come into existence. x]

I’m even happier because I got the first issue! I’ve been dying for something good to replace Newtype USA [RIP.], and this looks like the very thing I’ve been looking for.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Can’t wait to subscribe to this gem!

Jeffrey Gibson

I would like to see more comics that aren’t already scanlated all over the net. If you are going to publish comics that are already scanlated all over the net, then please at least catch up with them so that your not 2 or 3 years behind. $8.99 is a lot to pay for a mag of stories most of us have already read elsewhere. Please catch up with the scanlations because I want to see this magazine make it so bad. IF you doubled up bamboo blade, soul eater and the others, you would catch up in no time. Please think seriously about this, it could keep your magazine going and make manga addicts like myself happy. Thanks for the stories that are exclusive. 🙂

Jason Q.

Great magazine. I’ll send in the feedback form. Next time though, contest forms like this would be a lot easier on the internet (and you’d probably get more responses).

– JQ


Quick question, slightly related: It was mentioned when Yen Press was first formed that all your titles that included color pages in the original-language printings would maintain them in the English-language volumes. Yet there were titles in the first issue of Yen+ (Jack Frost comes to mind) that had black-and-white pages where it was obvious that there was color at one point. Will the collected volumes of all the series maintain their look from the magazine or will the color pages be restored? Thanks for any input on this.

Also, great job with the first issue. Besides the problem mentioned above, I love this magazine!


Wow, this anthology is amazing. I love the fact that you feature both manga-style and american-style work. The art is beautiful, and stories impressing, and I am thrilled that Shonen Jump finally has some competition. I used to read there work over two years ago, and it’s wonderful to find something new.

I agree Sayomi that I hope this will stay a manga anthology, and won’t be too cluttered by interviews, fashion, cosplay, etc.

Oh, and I bought my copy at my local Giant Eagle supermarket (USA). 🙂 ^.^ 😀


Awesome. I’ve been looking for Higurashi in English for some time. Please be really successful, so that the sound novels and games will also be translated.

Katherine Schlem

Thank you for letting us know that a photocopy would be ok for the feedback form. I absolutely hate tearing up a perfectly good magazine that I feel will be a collectors item in the near future. Many thanks and appreciations.


In all the manga I read (“Shonen Jump” and “Shojo Beat”) along with my other magazines (anime Insider and Otaku u.s.a) there are always a surplus of subciption forms!

Where were the subscription forms here? I looked and looked and looked… And there wasn’t a single one! 🙁 I wanna subcibe cause its so awesome… and I really enjoyed every single manga there was in there (woot!)!! But I couldn’t! That part was kinda disapointing, but other than that-tis totally awesome! I’m not sure if they had just fallen out before I had picked it up or if there was none to begin with… Ah well. Hope everything goes well for yah guys! Good luck!


I just read this and I must say that I was more then pleasantly suprised. You have made a wonderful mixture of the various asian manga/manhwa and non asian art. It was also refreshing to see both shojo and shonen manga in the same magazine…now I can ALMOST stop getting ShojoBeat (my current obsession for a monthly fix) as I had already stopped buying Shonen Jump a LONG time ago. I also truly appreciate the addition of a nonasian FEMALE artist, Svetlana,as a female myself its encouraging to see a non-asian girl making some headlines…not because im a feminist or raciist…but simply becuase it just truly shows how wide spread and truly international the manga/anime style is becoming. Its about time that this art style got some recognition for the unique style it is! Thank you very much Yen Press for bringing about this outstanding new addition to the manga magazine industry here in the US. I truly look forward to seeing it grow and im subscribing as soon as I can get the link to do so!




First off, let me congratulate you on the fantastic job of the magazine. I am super excited for a manga magazine that also features KOREAN MANHWA, !!!AND!!! Svetlana’s story as well. I am a huge fan of this diversified magazine.

I would like to subscribe to it… but I was unable to find a subscription card in ANY of the issues at my local Barnes and Noble Booksellers. I bought the copy… but I want to subscribe, GAH!

I would say though, that because this WAS the first issue, it was EXTREMELEY confusing deciding which side to start reading from. I was unable to understand that there was Korean AND Japanese manga/manhwa in there. It took me a long while to get with it. So maybe, because this was the first issue, you should have done what other manga companies do at the wrong side of the page and said “Oops! You’re reading the wrong way!” or something along the lines of “Korean Manhwa on this side, Japanese Manga on the other.”

Also, you had a table of contents, but I did not see a SINGLE page number in the first half.


I hope you guys will be publishing Chinese/Taiwanese Manhua as well! (I’m Chinese… haha)

You guys are definitely on of the pioneers in this area. GOOD FOR YOU!


I cannot for the life of me find this in my city, London Canada.. I’ve checked Chapters/Coles.. Wal-mart and various little places here and there.. any suggestions?


I just suddenly came across Yen Plus when I went to the magazine section in barnes&nobles for the first time ever, and saw that this was the first issue; I am very grateful to you and i will get a subscription eventually.


Yes! I just got it. It’s REALLY great. I love the cross-cultural translations so-far, and the small glossaries are pretty nice. I’ve got used to the sound effects translations pretty quickly.


This was pretty awesome! I especially liked the OEL’s, It’s nice to have something fresh and new that I haven’t already read, and the other manga/manwha choices were pretty good…except for maybe one of them….but overall, it’s a pretty good magazine. Can we expect to have more bonus material in future issues?


I sent my survey as soon as I got it and I must say its alot better paper quality than shonen jump by viz. I want to know any chance of interviewing the japanese artists in the magazine ?


Wow…. I LOVED it so much. I am so happy that now both the anime and manga of Higurashi are on track again. Now I’ll just have to wait it out until you guys get the Umineko manga!

Thanks a billioin!



It was AMAZING! It was a great breath of fresh air after I finally gave up on Shonen Jump a few months back… the sound effects are a huge addition, and the Korean mahnga (that has an ‘h’ in it, no?) makes the whole thing awesome.

Thank you so much!!! (*goes and subscribes*)


Wow I was looking for some magazines to read at work, looked to see if a new issue of shonen jump came out and saw this magazine…I know i definitely need to get a subscription to this, i enjoyed these manga far more than the over publicized ones in SJ…Ill be looking for every issue from now on!!!



Good job on your first issue! I enjoyed it very much and thought it was a great buy. I’m very happy that Soul Eater is in it, that’s what brought my attention to the magazine in the first place.

Yes, I’ve seen the scanslations and while some are good, many have been inconsistent and unreliable, and I’m all for supporting the companies that are going to be commercially distributing the series instead of just leeching. There’s just something so special about being able to hold the book in your hands.


I really didn’t expect much when I randomly picked Yen Plus up in the magazine stand, other than my need to fill my manga thirst ^^, but it certainly gave me a pleasant surprise and I will definitely buy more issues and a subscription once it is figured out ( I prefer mail rather than getting it done any other way). I really enjoy how you include manhwa and nonasian creators rather than sticking to big manga titles because it adds a fresher feel to your magazine ( I also subscribed to “Shonen Jump” and “Shojo Beat”). And most of the titles I haven’t heard of yet so I will enjoy them better as I go along. And as a closing comment, I hope you will do your best from this point! ^__^

omg yes

This magazine is awesome, i love all the title’s and can’t wait for the tounkabons(don’t know if i spelled it right). Man now i get SJ and Y+.


I got mine at SDCC, and I loved it! I’m glad that manhwa is becoming more and more accessible!

I can’t wait for my chance to subscribe, thank you!


i love how you guys have put japanese manga and korean manhwa in the same issue. i can’t wait for the next one! it seems like it is going to be aimed at older readers than sj and sb (hopefully, i’d like something like that). shonen jump turned out to be a huge disappointment and i never bothered with shoujo beat so i’m keeping my fingers crossed for you guys!


Hey, I bought the first issue of Yen Plus the other day(after watching your site diligently) and I absolutely loved it! I really want to subscribe, but I couldn’t find the post card in the magazine. Would a money order to your stated address in the magazine and my contact information be okay, or do you have other things that need filling out? Thanks.


I was just wondering about the rules for fan art submission. I drew a picture of Maka and it turned out well. I want to save it for my school’s art fair. Do we have to send in the original or will a photocopy suffice?


I just picked this up at the bookstore, it’s wonderfull! The main draw in for me was the manga adaption of When They Cry: Higurashi no Naku Koroni. How exciting! I am a big When They Cry fan, and my taste for all things Higurashi and Umineko (which I hope you eventually will pick up when done with When They Cry 1 and 2) is what will likely cause me to subscribe.

I may wind up enjoying the other comics too! I haven’t had time to read them yet, though.


*Happy dancing*
Nightschool was really good…One Fine Day was just too kawaiii!!!! The rest of the titles were pretty good too. I like that it was manga that isn’t scanlated on the web…

How come Indigo/Chapters doesn’t carry it? They are the biggest retailers around in Ontario…I went to check, but they didn’t have any copies…I guess that’s just forcing people to subscribe, ne?

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