The First Issue!

Thanks to all of you who picked up a copy of YEN PLUS this week! We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoy putting it together! As always, we truly value your feedback on everything we do. Flipping through, you may have noticed the Reader’s Feedback page on 231A. Please fill it out and send it in so we can continue to provide the content you want to read! Plus, when you return the feedback form, you’ll be entered into a raffle to win free books or a full year’s subscription to YEN PLUS!

**Update!** For this month’s raffle, a photocopy of the feedback form will be just fine!

For those of you still looking for a subscription to YEN PLUS, we will have information up very soon. I know, broken record, right? Your patience will be rewarded within a week or so! Thank you!

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Had to go downtown, and visit the comic stores to get my hands on a copy. ^_^


Saw the mag at a Borders. Flipped through it quickly and noticed it had a nice selection of styles. What REALLY made my eyes bog was Sumomomo Momomo \(*_*)/ I saw the anime on a podcast and laughed my *ss off! Now I can read it!!! Thanks, YEN PRESS!!!!


I bought the first issue yesterday and I really enjoyed it. Can’t wait for the subscription to be available, I’ll subscribe right away. I’m a fan of Higurashi, so I’m really looking forward to more of that. I also agree with SonjaArashi, I’d LOVE it if you guys picked up Umineko.


The magazine was AWESOMENESS! I remember I first saw it at my bookstore and I said, “Holy crap a new manga anthology! Woah it has Soul Eater!” Soul Eater was the first thing that really got me into the magazine. So I picked it up and looked at the price tag “urk– Nine bucks?! But SJ is only five… Oh well, I’ll try it anyway.” And I’m glad I did. Honestly, the only manga/manhwa I knew about in your magazine were Soul Eater and Maximum Ride (Because I read the books) but I was really happy to discover awesome new titles that I had never even heard of, like Higurashi, Nabari No Ou, and Jack Frost. I think this magazine will do an awesome job of giving exposure to some great titles that would normally just fly under the radar. I can’t wait to buy the next issue! You guys earned yourself a subscriber (well, when I can get one anyway)!


Thank you SO MUCH for translating higurashi! I’ve been looking for it forever and I’m so glad that a company FINALLY decided to translate it! I’ll definetly buy the books when they come out!


i wouldn’t mind some shounen-ai/yaoi 😀

i haven’t bought the magazine yet, but I need to ~


I luv that that this magazine has a variety of differnt manga..then others ones…..XD


Any chance of having Sekirei in the magazine as well,since it is also done by square enix?


I second that! Yuri titles are few and far between in English. Please bring on the beautiful girls’ love stories!

Jordan GarretIt

i got it just to read Higurashi, but man, i ended up reading the whole thing. It was excellent, great job guys.

Diclonius Handshake

Atlast! A truly magnifacent manga anthology. You have stolen my heart and fufilled my dreams of NEVER HAVING TO READ “SHONEN JUMP” AGAIN!!! I shall be a lifetime subscriber(as soon as i find a subscription card) as well as a Yen press devout. I love the sfx translations as they do not obscure the artwork. Whether or not you add freebies and posters is up to you but as far as fashion and makeup tips go please ban them from being closer then 150 feet from your magazine. Keep up the good work comics division!


I found out about this magazine yesterday- and I made a mad dash to the closest book store today to pick up! I think the Maximum Ride drawings were gorgeous, (as was the case with most of the others) and I’m subscribing! Keep ’em coming!


I was walking around the magazine section in Barnes and Nobles looking for something anime…I used to get Newtype USA, and was dissapointed when i found out that they would be discontinued. When i saw the cover of your magazine i was curious. And i started reading it and fell in love with it. I would so buy a years subscription of it! As for With the Light, that author is amazing! I have an autistic cousin and never fully understood what it was exactly. I have two of the three books and understand exactly what autism is. I can’t wait to see what you’ll come out with! Thank You!


ElloEllo,Just wanted to leave some lovely feedback about your dear first issue.

First of all, the cover(s) really catch the eye. plus Its pretty interesting to have American style and Japanese Style Manga stories in the anthology. Plus the comics you pick to be in it at the moment are of many dif. genre’s, and so all kinds of people can read it, wither they normaly read shoujo,seinen,romance,horror or etc.

I cant clearly express how delighted and impressed i am with how well you guys did, with this only being your first issue. If I could I would be hugging you..but…well…
you..know..the computer is in the way…and such.

Love, Mousie


I was pleasantly surprised when browsing the B&N magazine racks to find this little gem! Had no idea Yen Press was putting out an anthology mag, but boy am I glad they did! I really enjoyed the diversity of manga/manwha/OEL titles represented here. I am eagerly awaiting the opportunity to subscribe! High quality stuff guys! Keep up the good work, and I look forward to future issues!


I third the motion of yuri! Too much yaoi has washed up on our shores, we need some yurilicous goodness!

And a million congratulations to you all! Instead of renewing my SJ subscription I will subscribe to Yen Plus! You have snatched away my eternal soul <3


In the beginning, I picked up this magazine solely for the manga section – Higurashi, Sumomomo, Soul Eater, Bamboo Blade, Nabari no Ou, all that good stuff. I was PLANNING to ignore the manhwa/OEL section, but then I figured ‘what the heck’ and decided to read it…and one thing led to another and…

I am now a huge fan of manhwa and OEL. I’ll definitely subscribe to this magazine!


I bought this and I only bought for Max Ride. But I read the whole dang thing!! It was awesome, especially Soul Eater and Max Ride. I forgot what one is called…. oh yeah! Higurashi!!! I liked that one too.
Great Job! I don’t know about Subscribing but I plan on getting every issue!

Delicious Panda

I just went out and bought it today~ I’m so glad that there is now such a great new manga anthology! I love pretty much every single series in there, and it’s nice that there is such diverse genre’s! Because personally, I love most every genre, and so you get a nice variety!
I’m definitely getting a subscription when I can! (It will be my first one! Haha!)
It’s also wonderful to see a magazine with Japanese, Korean, and American titles~!
It’s amazing how well put together the magazine was for the very first volume! Hopefully this magazine will just keep getting better and better!


I didn’t get a chance to pick up the first copy of Yen+, but I’ve heard nothing but good about it. I love how you guys are bringing manhwa to a broader audience(since there’s some manhwa I’ve read in the past that greatly surpasses anything I’ve read in manga) and would love to read any more I can get on the subject. Also I’m a big fan of the Maximum Ride novels, and when I heard about their being a OEL manga adaptation of it in the future I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it to see how it turns out. Imagine my surprise that Maximum Ride is being serialized in Yen+(a comic I only just heard about today).

I’m already really pumped on reading the first Yen+ mag. I see that has a 1 year subscription available on their site. I’m going to have to sign up for it.

Again thanks for everything you guys are doing!


I just yesterday realized that you had a magazine out! I was so enthused that I purchased it immediately! I can’t wait until you post the information about the subscription.

I’ve been getting frustrated with the Shoujo Beat magazine & how stupid it’s become lately, so your magazine filled with GOOD manga (not the mass-produced stuff that SB has) & very few stupid articles (I want manga, not silly articles!) has been a breath of fresh air!

I can’t wait until you re-release the rest of some of the series that I’d previously been collecting from IceKunion!


I am an avid manga reader, I even buy Shojo Beat and Shonen Jump often, I mean how could I not? When I went to Japan I was angry at how expensive so few pages of previews and stories were here! When there it was like 4 bucks for a super thick issue of Ribon or something!!! So today, while I was at wal-mart I was checking out the m,agazines for a Naruto collector when I saw the Soul Eater cover! I was like “NO WAY!” I love soul eater(I watched the anime) And I rushed to go buy your magazine! I really love Korean manga! And I was so happy you guys had some in there! Keep up the good work!


I couldn’t find the magazine anywhere near me. But A friend got me copy cuz they were by her. But the magazine is really cool… I cant wait for issue two and to get a subscription.


What retailers carry this magazine? I couldn’t find it at Chapters. I live in Toronto, Canada by the way. Thanks.


Really looking forward to when we can subscribe to the magazine. I loved the first issue and can’t wait to see what happens in all the stories.


I can’t find the magazine near me at all 🙁 , are you going to sell it online for people that can’t find it?

Diana Dang

I was wondering, is it possible if I just scan in the survey for you guys? Because I’m afraid it’ll reach there beyond August 31 because I got the issue today.


omg!!! this magazine was sooooooo good! I was a little confused about the reading both sides thing, but I got the hang of it quickly. I would love to send in some fan mail, I hope you put fanmail in the magazine! thanks



Okay i got my hands on issue 1, I love it but my one question is why didn’t you use color pages? the color pages for Jack Frost and others would have made the magazine alot ‘cooler’ and more of a reason to get it. Also the pages that were supposed to be color were dark and hard to tell what was going on.

Just a question, anyways time to hunt for issue #2 🙂


i missed the first issue but got the second i was wondering if someone has the chapters for issue 1 so i can read them


I have a question, I missed issue 1 and would really like to purchase it.

Is there some way I could get a back issue, or do you all offer them?

I would really like to hear a yes answer…I can’t find it any of my bookstores and would really love to have the first issue.

Laurie Plumley

I just went to the grocery store today and on a whime checked out the magazine rack… there sitting was your magazine.

I literally jumped for joy at having a new manga magazine to read! I even got a few stares from passer bys, but I did not care what-so-ever at those fools, they know NOTHING of my love for manga.

NEwayz, I BOUGHT THREE COPIES of Issue 1, Vol 1! One for me to read, one for to put in plastic case cover to keep good condition for years and years to come, and as well as to give to a friend of mine who loves manga as much as I ^_^

I thumbed through it and having read the home page here, I read that subscription cards shale be passed around in the third issue, which I was glad to hear.

I do want to make mention of this. I had difficulty finding and reading page numbers for the magazine. I think it cleaver to put them in black bars along the edge of the page, but the numbering system is rather difficult.

I think you choose some great manga for your first issue if I do say so myself, and I wanted to also mention that I blogged on two diffrent manga lovers websites regarding your magazine, so there will definatly be some MAJOR extra love coming your way via them. ^_^

I look forward to MANY wonderful years from you

<3 Laurie

film anime terbaru

GAH! She rocks!] as well as Higurashi! [the anime is killer] I also felt special about being able to snag the first issue! Keep it coming! You’ll have my support in the future!

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