Subscriptions Update!

For those of you who have been asking about when where and how you can subscribe to Yen Plus, THANK YOU! “Official” subscription information will be up soon, but here are the bullet points.

  • A year’s subscription to Yen Plus (yes, twelve full 400+ page issues!) will cost only $49.95! And only $59.95 for our good friends in Canada! That’s over 50% off the cover price!!!
  • Subscriptions will be available starting with the second issue of Yen Plus. But don’t fear, the first issue will be sold at major retailers nationwide! Newsstand prices are $8.99 in the U.S., $9.99 in Canada, and £3.99 in the U.K.!
  • Subscriptions will only be available in the U.S. and Canada (for now).

I will keep pressing for updated information!
Till then, hope this tides you over!

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🙁 I don’t know why we (Canada) have to pay more.. Bookstores here have dropped the prices down to match the american prices because of the rise of our dollar.. Oh well, this is still good news!

Koji Otaku


I’m American, but I’ll assume that the stores will just lower the price themselves in Canada, as some companies tend to do here sometimes.

King of Fiji

Because our dollar is much weaker and because we are vendictive that we can’t make fun of the Canadian dollar anymore. 😛

Who puts the goose on a dollar coin anyway?

a geek by any other name

[…] due out on July 29th, but the promised subscribing tools never surfaced. Now Nebs has spotted the scoop on what’s up with that: subscriptions will NOT be available for the first issue. However, […]

Jaden Princeton

woohoo! I can’t wait! I’m very anxious to read it (especially because Nabari no Ou will be in it) Now to wait! ~~

Thanks for the news ^^


Epic! Thank you so much for releasing this in the UK!


canada has a different currency to begin with.. I suppose it has something to do with that?

But hearing this.. I’m really glad! I just heard about this magazine today.. and it looks interesting. 😀


Is it true that there wont be official running manga though. So each manga only has the first couple of chapters and then gets replaced. Thats kind of lame.


Where in the UK is this mag being released bookstores or newsagents?. if we can’t subscribe how do we get hold of it.


The question wasn’t really about buying it in stores.. I know that the book prices will drop.. I’m wondering why the subscription costs that much more =x.. Oh well ^^


I’ve been searching for another magazine since NewtypeUSA went out. Thanks so much for this, and can’t wait to subscribe from Canada 🙂 Looking forward to Bamboo Blade and Soul Eater


Wow $49.95, that came at me a bit. But now that I think about it, its still worth it.Never to doubt you guys.


Response to Paul:

Actually, with the exception of a couple titles, most of the series will have a good long run in Yen Plus. We’re also sensitive to what you the readers want, so that will help us decide what new series to put in down the road. And if we start doin’ things you think are kinda lame, please let us know! We’re all about getting the people what they want!

King of Fiji

You had me sold at “We’re all about getting the people what they want!”


Well, I hope Higurashi and Bamboo Blade will stay popular.


A bit late but I’d like to second Astraea’s question. What UK retailers will have this? I’ve been looking online and nobody has it except for Amazon which has issue 5 listed for whatever reason and no other issues.

Peter Salazar

As Xiphias said, the extra cost for Canada really has to do with added shipping.


Picked up the first issue at Comic Con and now I definitely want to subscribe. =)

Oddly enough the mag kinda reminds me of Raijin comics which, even though they’ve not published for years, is STILL better than Shonen Jump.


. . . I miss Raijin. T_T


umm too bad- wonder whens the subsription tool is gonna be up =/
where can i find the first issue anyway? im so sad XD;

Lady Star

I bought it a few days ago at my local Border’s. I wanna subscription but I don’t know if by saying ‘US’ you also include the US territories. Like Puerto Rico *where I live*. But I sure hope so! Good luck with the magazine xD


I own a Anime Store and have herd about YEN+, I want to subscribe when you can, I picked up the first copy today and I’v been looking through it, I’m kinda confused on how to read it still, I’m glade that you are putting Manhwa in the mag, I thingk manhwa is miss understod, every time I go in to a book store and stand in the manga area, I see poeople look at the manhwa but they don’t ever pick it up, read it, say “oh, this is cool I should buy it!”, insted I see people say “why do they have korean comics in the manga area?” or ” just cuz they have manga and every one reads it, doesn’t mean where going start reading a manhwa, it’s like thier trying to copy japanese pop cult. now.” , I realy try to get people in to reading manhwa, it has a good base of storeis and art, most anime and manga are made in korea to start with, I hope YEN+ keeps going and I can’t wait till the next one.

Jeuron Dove

I was at Borders yesterday and noticed a new manga anthology. I bought it to check it out and was very impressed. I’m already a fan of Higurashi and cannot wait to read future installments. I used to subscribe to Shonen Jump, but they have fallen off so far and all they focus on is Naruto and Bleach. I feel like I get my money’s worth with Yen Plus instead of some watered-down commericialized publication like Jump. The more mature titles are also a plus!!! Keep up the good work.


I picked up the first issue today in my local FPI. Love it! I do hope UK subscriptions as available asap.I hate missing out on great mags such as this…



hi! i just bought yen plus yesterday and am loving it. (nightschool was the surprise new series that I totally fell in love with. I didn’t expect to like it as much as I did and I hope it keeps running!!) I was just wondering, say that we get the one year’s subscription, is it from September 2008- September 2009, or is it just for the issues that are coming out in 2008, and we have to renew again for 2009? XD;;;


I bought my first issue yesterday at Krogers xD When is the second issue coming out and where can I subscribe? Someone help!


I love the magazine and have subscribed. However, I didn’t even know about it until the 3rd volume. Is there any way to get back issues? I’d love to get the first 2 volumes.


Is there any way to get back issues? I hadn’t discovered the magazine until tonight, and I’m missing the first three. Thanks!

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