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Been wondering what to expect from YEN PLUS? Well here it is! Your first look at the face(s) of our new anthology! YEN PLUS will be sold at Barnes and Noble, Borders, and other major retailers, so be sure to look for YEN PLUS on July 29!



I can’t wait to get it at Comic Con. Having Soul Eater on the cover certainly helps to sell more 🙂

What is Yen Press’s plan at Comic Con this year? Any special guest or panel?


Can we have synopsis of the two previously unannounced left-to-right comics???


Awesome, can’t wait to get this! I especially look forward to Higurashi!


Can’t wait for july 29th really looking forward to higurashi and soul eater.


These look awesome, and the Maximum Ride art is great. Also, are those two new series I spot on the side…? ^_^ If so, 11 series…wow. Definitely picking this one up.


Wow!Im liking the way this looks so far! This might be another magazine that I’ll have to add to my mailing list. Ill buy the 1st one in stores to see if its worth the cash, but Im predicting a very satisfying magazine! Thanks soo much you YenPress guys! Im buying as much of your titles as I can to show my sincerist gratitude for you picking up all of my favorite manwah titles published by Ice Kuinon. I really can’t thank you enough. I was really starting to loose faith in the manga industry, but then you guys showed up out of the blue from the heavens above to save that doubt by continuing my beloved manwah titles from where they left off, AND giving us all a little something extra! I’ll be rooting for your sucsess throughout the years to come!(May the Gods of Manga smile upon you all!)^_^

Jaden Princeton

Awesome cover!! I love both of the sides =)
I’m really looking forward to this!


YESSSSSSSSSS SOUL EATER!!! My #1 favorite manga/anime ever!


Omg I’m super excited for the mag.I’m court down the days.Is it going to be in places like walmart?


I was wondering have you already sent the first issue to printers yet?


Good lord, is that some “moe female character,” the one element most sorely missing and desperately needed in Western comics?

I’m a bit more interested in this Maximum Ride series now.


Ahh, I’m looking forward to this. I’m also glad that you guys actually know the difference between manga and manhwa too.

I get so annoyed when people call manhwa, manga. Maybe it’s because I’m partly korean, but I’m glad you guys are putting Manhwa out there- and the best ones too. Hah.


what news stands? will this be available at Borders,, Barnes and Noble? if we can’t subscribe for the first issue, where can we expect to find it?


jja — You can pretty much expect to find the first issue on newsstands most anywhere. Borders and Barnes & Noble certainly! And never fear, we are diligently working on finalizing subscriptions for anyone interested!


I’m really really looking forward to all the titles you guys are publishing especially the Higurashi and Suzumiya Haruhi mangas that I have been waiting for oh so long in hope of coming to the US one day! And as a plus you guys are publishing the Hidamari or should I say Sunshine Sketch books too! Keep up with the good work guys!


Ill buy it although im rather made that they picked suck crappy Manga. Jack Frost and PIG BRIDE and Nightschool will be good but the last one they put as the cover for the manhwa ill have to wait to see how it is although im hoping later on the company will license immortal regis or Id which are two of the more popular manwha. The manga just has crappy written all over it. Soul Eater yes is good and Nabari No Ou will be good to but summommoo crap should be burnt immediately and so should HIGURASHI WHEN THEY CRY. Even bamboo blades which i like the anime should be removed. Instead they should replace them with another Manwha and quality manga something along the lines of a shoujo manga to balance out all the fighting manga they are putting in


I see subscription options on If I subscribe now, can I expect to get the first issue in the mail, or should I still go to the store/newsstand to pick it up?


In addition, the price on amazon says $59.95 for the US price but in a previous post you said US customers would be $49.95


I need my fix of Svetlana Chmakova’s newest amazingness!
I can’t wait to buy a subscription, I’m going to need it!!

Tiamat's Disciple

Joe, summommoo may be crap for you, but it certainly has a following. Both my self and others i know think Soul Eater is crap, but lets face it, with anthologies you’ll never get ALL the titles you love. The idea is to get several new ones out there, get you into them, so as you’ll buy the collected volumes when they’re released.


Ugh, one thing I’m disspointed about is that you have more manhwa/OEL manga than mnaga. I mean, you could’ve taken out two of the manhwa and put two other Square Enix manga like Kuroshitsuji or Violinist of Hameln.


I’m quite glad they’ve picked up Higurashi and Bamboo Blade. The other titles will be an interesting first read.


I really cant wait for this. Soul Eater, Sumomomo Momomo, Higurashi, Nabari no Ou. This will be a great magazine!


Just got it at Waldenbooks. Good job ^_^ I enjoyed it alot.


I can’t find the magazine ANYWHERE in the Barnes & Nobles in my area. Could you guys post where they are available in each state?


It’s supposed to be out on the 29th? I guess I got mine four days early. ^^ Gotta love Walmart. It’s the reason I found the site. Love the Magazine, can’t wait for issue 2!


I picked this up today at Barnes and Noble and it looks great. I did’nt even know it was coming out but I’m glad there’s another manga magazine. I’m also glad I get to try out manhwa which I’ve never read before. Thank you Yen Press for making a new and packed magazine for everyone.


huh, looks pretty good. hope NnO is on the next one though. which way will they be put on news stands, left to right or right to left? (please say right to left ;__;)


I got the first issue and I was really happy with it! The only ones I didn’t like was the Manhwa Nightschool. Everything else was great though! I’m gonna subscribe when I get the next issue!

Jake Myler

I’ve been hoping and waiting for Nabari No Ou to come out in the U.S. and I was astonished to see it at the Square Enix booth at San Diego comicon. And even more surprised when I saw that this fantastic looking monthly magazine is going to hit store shelves just a few days from now. You have an instant subscriber from me! Looks like there’s going to be a lot of good quality manga to read in there! Keep it up Yen Press!


Got a copy from Squeenix at Comic-con. I haven’t looked through all of it yet, but it looks promising. Soul Eater still tops my list though. Shame Haruhi isn’t in it though haha. I’d love for Spiral to be in it, if it weren’t in tankoubon form already. Looking forward to future publication though! 🙂


Actually, the back cover isn’t a complete “manhwa” as the story was based on James Patterson’s “Maximum Ride” series. If you got the preview comic from “Free Comic Book Day,” you’d find Maximum Ride to be very promising. The artwork is very good, and I think the story’s going to be good, as well.

^This is from the Free Comic Book Day site. After seeing this and picking up the actual freebie, I’m really looking forward to this series. Haha actually, I’m usually reluctant in buying non-Japanese made manga, but I think this one might change my mind.

I really wish Yen Press lots of luck with their upcoming magazine (TOMORROW!!!). Ganbatte!


I got it at Comic-Con (apparently SE isn’t afraid of losing tons of money to generate interest) and it was awesome.

Tiamat's Disciple


Depends how technical you want to get over it really. Maximum Ride is based on a novel, however the art is being done by Lee NaRae a korean artist who learnt her trade there. So if it’s being done by some one who learnt their profesion in korea, does it make it a manhwa?

Though i have to admit the art style isn’t really korean, if anything it’s more western and like Nightschool reminds me of the old Witchblade and Lady Death comics i used to buy by the slew

The ulitmate question though is does it matter? Both Ride and Nightschool are being billed as OEL’s.


I CAN’T WAIT TO GET HIGURASHI!!!! I feel like I have been waiting my whole life for the manga. now I can get the manga and the anime.


Once the second issue comes out, people can subscribe to the magazine right? Is it possible to subscribe online?


I just love this magazine!

I just finished the first issue and can not wait to subscribe


I really appreciate a magazine coming out that has a sample of quite a few styles and genres; it helps readers learn what they like (and/or don’t like). Although some readers may be complaining about what titles are in it, I think that it was a rather nice selection and I plan to read all the titles every month. I’m definitely considering getting a subscription.
I think my favourite title had to be Nightschool, as both its style and humour appeal to me.

As for the future, I would really like to see a bit more information on the artists (as I’m too lazy to look myself).


Congratulations on the launch of Yen Plus! I discovered it (well, I couldn’t miss it with that cover) at my local comic shop here in the UK, and I look forward to buying it every month from now on.


So, since it’s apparent that Yen has a good relationship with Square Enix, what are the chances that we can get the Seto no Hanayome manga in the future?


Congratulations! I stumbled across Yen Plus at a Barnes n Noble and couldn’t believe I’d found the first issue of a new manga serial. I had to check it out, obviously. Nightschool is my favorite and I look forward to more!



Too bad I live in Mexico.
This pwns Shonen Jump and Shoujo Beat. Seriously.

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