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Been wondering what to expect from YEN PLUS? Well here it is! Your first look at the face(s) of our new anthology! YEN PLUS will be sold at Barnes and Noble, Borders, and other major retailers, so be sure to look for YEN PLUS on July 29!



congratulations on the first issue i love it you guys have a great variety of manga. keep up the good work.


All I have to say is that both Shonen Jump & Shojo Beat can never beat Yen Plus.
Yuh guys are the best!

so is there anyway to get this issue? cuz i meant to pick it up but was to late?


Uh, I purchased issue two off the newsstands, and I was wondering if there any way possible to order the first issue, so I can start all the stories from the beginning? :3


I’m still looking for the first issue! I’ve got the second, but I really want the first! Then I’d be on the right track to collecting this magazine!


Great collection… I can’t wait to get my hands on the September issue & the next one of Yen+ since I only have the 1st issue for free @ NYAF (New York Anime Festival) on Staturday… The back->front & the front->back I find to be confusing. I hope to get my hands on “One Fine Day” since it was so kawai!

my favs: One Fine Day, DarkSchool, Soul Eater & Max
Not Sure of: Jack Frost


I got the first issue at the NY anime festival & after reaing it knew i had to get the next issue. i googled it just to find out how to subscribe. unfortunatly i dont have a credit card so ill have to have a friend order it for me. i am very pleased with the contents of this magazine & look forward to getting the next issues.


I love this magazin, the December 2008 was the 1st one i bought. I don’t understand it is it korean and Japaness or just Korean. Are some of the manga at book stores or you just relesed them?

my fav is; Max

disslike is: one fine day


Where oh where can I buy back issues?! I found out about this at issue 4!


i was really impressed on the cover so i bought the ist issue. i didn’t expect that it was a mix of japanese, korean (even russian?!) manga and i was really hooked, especially Soul Eater!!

although i have only issues 1 and 2, i can’t wait to buy the remaining latest issues!!

may this mag continue to flourish and gain more attention especially to the fans.

more power, banzai and aja!!

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