Counting Down!

Glanced at the calendar this morning and can hardly believe that it is only 15 days until New York Comic Con at the Javits Center! (Do you have your ticket??) Everybody in the office here is buzzing with activity in preparation, and we’re all very excited for a variety of reasons. In a lot of ways, NYCC will be the one year anniversary of Yen’s debut! Okay, technically it was in February last year so it’s a bit more than a year…but NYCC 2007 is where we got to proudly announce our debut list. I think it was Ed over at MangaCast who said something to the effect that we’d dropped a bomb on the show. (Very nice!)

Well this year it’s going to be a whole different show for Yen. We’ve got a booth! We’ve got panels! We’ve got a very special guest that we’re flying over from Germany to make her North American debut! Oh, and have we got announcements… Annoucements galore! So many things that we’ve been dying to disclose for so long now, and at last we get to spill!! You’ve been dying to know the rest of the lineup for the YEN PLUS anthology? Just a couple of weeks, my friends, and all shall be revealed! Trust me when I say that the stuff we’re going to be announcing this year is going to be MASSIVE!

If last year we dropped a bomb on NYCC, this year we’re nuking the place.



I am shocked that the new announcement from NYCC, the new licensed manga are so awesome!! In particular, I am excited about Bamboo Blade, Soul Eater, and Nabari no Ou.

I can’t wait for Yen Press to conquer SDCC this summer too 🙂 You know what…I really hope Yen Press will invite some great guests at SDCC too, I’m dying to meet with the creator of Soul Eater and Zombie-Loan someday 🙂

King of Fiji

Yeah you go shout it from the rooftops!

“Watch out terrorits cause we are nuking the place…….with manga.”

On a side note I can’t wait for Yen Press to start publication. Good luck sticking it to Shonen Jump. 🙂


Hey!! i just read all of the Yen Plus and it is so amazing!! i love Soul Eater and i’ve been reading it for a while now and i am so happy it’s in America!! but i think you guys should publish Sekirei! It’s really good, and it’s also a Square Enix publication (Young Gangan i think) and you guys wouldn’t have as much trouble getting the rights as other publishers. It’s a great series and no doubt you already know about it, but for those who don’t its by Gokurakuin Sakurako. It’s really GOOD


Hiya Yen Press! Comicon sounds so wild. I only wish little ole’ me could go -_-
Love Yen Pluss so much! Can’t wait for the official subscription!


You guys have been out for a year? But i only got my first issue of “YEN +” this month (aug) what has been happening am i missing something…FYI very impressed with what I saw …. well im on your website arnt I?


Great Magazine! Love Soul Eater. Why is it going to take so long to get individual Volumes of Soul Eater to the American Market? October of 09 seems kind of a long time for a hot Property like this to be sitting around.


Hey isn’t Chocolat vol.6 being released on September then how come it’s not on the September release. It will be released right T-T

Ryo Kawakami

Are you guys planning to hold any portfolio reviews? or any editor willing to take a look at portfolios? I’m attending NY anime fes, should I look for a perticular editor? Thanks.

john b

I picked up vol 1 about 3 weeks ago, and I enjoyed it very much. I hear that vol 2 already came out. The stores by me sold out of vol 2, will it be in stores again some time this month? If Yen Press made a mistake, and accidently released vol 2 early, they should have an explenation up on their site, and assure readers that it will be back in stores at the time it’s supposed to be.

SoulEater fan

Great that u got Soul Eater but why october 2009 it shouldn’t take long to translate it.

Kohaku/ (*new) "Nabari No Ou", fan

(*New)”Nabari No OU”,fan:I’ve read books 1-10 of this new series, “Nabari No Ou”. It’s so cool because it’s story line is good. I can’t wait for the rest of the series to come out. I wonder if Square Enix is located in New York too. Also, I wonder if Kinokuniya in New York has that series in Japanese.

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