Monthly manga anthology magazine coming in Summer 2008!

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At last, the unveiling of YEN PLUS! The monthly manga anthology from Yen Press will be available on July 29th at major retailers nationwide. YEN PLUS will feature over 450 pages of the finest manga and manhwa for only $8.99 an issue! What’s more, YEN PLUS will read both ways–left-to-right AND right-to-left.

Start from the right for the best Japanese manga from Square Enix:

Read left-to-right for Korean manhwa and original English-language manga:

Subscriptions will be available in the U.S. and Canada so you can have YEN PLUS delivered right to your home! Keep checking back for more information, and be sure to look for YEN PLUS on July 29!



when are you gonna start accepting subscriptions to the magazine?


I’m so glad you all took up Ice Kunion’s titles! I know many other people are too! I’m excited for the magazine too. It sounds fun. ;]


You can expect previews galore in the magazine! Every month you’re going to be able to follow your favorite series…and in just a few weeks we’ll be able to reveal exactly what those launch series are.

As for subscriptions, expect details on that in the very near future!


I can’t wait until the release of your magazine.I just found
out about this website thru another company that carry some
books with your titles.I’m really glad that you chose to
carry Ice Kunion’s titles.I’m a big fan of Chocolat manga
and was really disappointed that the previous publisher
was going to discontinuoe that series.I want to subscribe
to your magazine when its released.Could you please send
me an email of the date its release and how I can subscribe?
It’s refreshing to know that you will be publishing alot of
the hard to find titles.I will buy the books that your company will be producing and I will spread the word to all
my Manga and Anime Fans.


I can’t wait to see the first issue, it seems like it’ll be great. Keep up the good work that I know your doing back there.


I heard that you’re publishing Soul Eater in the magazine! I’m so happy! That’s my all time favorite manga! I’m so glad you’re also putting Bamboo Blade, Nabari no Ou, Higurashi, and Sumomomo Momomo too! Thanks a ton! I’ll look forward to more Gangan titles in the future. (hopefully)


Yet again, Yen Press amazes me! You guys are easily my favourite publisher! Do you know yet if Canadians can subscribe or if it will be sold in Canadian stores?


I really hope that people from Europe can subscribe to your new magazine ;__; I want it…


How much will your magazine cost in the US? And will it be delivered to local bookstores, such as Waldenbooks and Border? I was really excited to hear about a new manga anthology (already a big fan VIZ’s anthologies), so I’m anticipating subscribing to a new one!

Lauren Goodnight

DEFINITELY subscribing to this. A few of these titles are real gambles…this will be the first adult-oriented manga monthly in America that isn’t associated with 18+/21+ material! Very excited over a very gutsy publishing move.
P.S., Serious thanks for picking up Lily Hoshino titles. They are few and far between in english, and she is my favorite boy’s love manga-ka. I cannot be alone in this, and I will be buying every volume of hers that you license.


Have you considered doing electronic releases for devices like the Amazon Kindle?


I second Michelle’s question, any word on Canadian availability?

I certainly hope you guys won’t leave us out. This magazine looks great. Though selection of manga anthologies in NA is somewhat slim, this definitely looks like the best choice.

At any rate. Ship to Canada. It’s not hard. Really.


I’ve never subscribed to any of Viz’s anthologies because there weren’t enough titles that appealed to me, but this one? Soul Eater, Nabari no Ou, Bamboo Blade, and Higurashi PLUS a manga adaptation of the Maximum Ride novels and Svetlana Chmakova’s new manga? I’m all over it. I can’t wait.


Fear not. YEN PLUS will be available for subscription in Canada. The Canadian cover price is $9.99, and of course there will be a significant discount for subscribers.

And we’ll have subscriptions available on the site in the near future! Glad to hear everyone is so psyched about the magazine. We’re busily putting together the first issue now, and I have to say that it is looking AWESOME!


To Hassler:
Why won’t you let people from europe subcribe to your magazine? We never get anything over here. damn.


I can’t wait for this, I’ve been drooling waiting on the change to get my hands on Soul Eater.


I second what Buchiage is saying. Being in the UK there’s absolutely no magazines like this and with this line up I’d really like to get this.

Tiamat's disciple

@Buchiage Yen titles are already freely available in europe since Yen is the only publisher that does a dual release in both the US and UK at the same time.

However magazines are harder to set up in the UK, especially in this case since it’s a single magazine being released. It’s one of the reasons Shonen Jump and Shojo Beat have never been released over here, the costs outweigh the gains.

That said, i hope that individual copies will be available over here, or that they open the US subscriptions to the UK. Sure we’ll be getting them later than anyone else, but we’d still be getting them 🙂


What about fan art of characters from the manga featured sorta like the other monthly mags?


Will there ever be seperate copies of certain stories? Maximum Ride, for example, will it ever be compiled into one book, with JUST Maximum Ride? Or will buying the monthly anthology be the only way to get the MR manga?


Yes, all of the series in the magazine will be released in book form after they’ve run in the magazine. Check out the individual series pages for a list of book volumes and their release dates.


Will subscribing to the magazine be cheaper than just buying from stores, or will it be the same price? Just out of curiosity…


Has the ate for when itll be released every month been decided like the 10th,5th, or xday of the month when itll hit magazine racks?

King of Fiji

In our “Lets Milk Naruto for All Its Worth” monthly crap fest compared to when it first started publication that is Shonen Jump world, how can we not be excited for a new magazine such as Yen Plus to show the way?


***In response to Zefster and hirohisa***

Subscriptions will be cheaper than buying Yen Plus off the racks, and hopefully that information will be up soon. Thanks for being so patient, all!

The magazine will arrive in stores the last week of the month before the issue date. So the first issue, the August issue, will arrive July 29. September is in stores late August, and so on…


Are you going to be picking up more projects from Square Enix later on? I would kill to have an English version of Bitter Virgin, Saki, Doubt (TONOGAI Yoshiki) and Sekirei.


Have you done any articles with information on the series/authors in the books with background info about titles like kendo trivia for bamboo blade just a thought.


Does it or will it ever have the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya?

Otaku Jew_man

I hope this will hit at Wal-Mart stores or BooksaMillion stores. This hick town of mine only carries two Anime/Manga zines. This publishing company is my top fav next to DelRey. I respect the translations that YenPress has.


I wondered if theres a chance after the a series or two have finished in yen plus any chance of lucky star manga being brought in to fill a spot since you already have melancholy of suzumiya haruhi just thought lucky star by Kagami Yoshimizu would be a good license after that.


Wow! I could never really get into Shonen Jump or Shojo Beat, so this is great…. *especially excited about Higurashi*


Wow thats a lot of way better Manga then Viz is publishing in SJ right now epically soul Eater. That was a nice grab on Yen’s part.^_^

I have to also question this though. Are we ever going to see the Haruhi Suzumiya Manga some time soon in the magazine?


Unfortunately we will not be serializing Haruhi in the magazine. But by this time next year, the first three volumes will be available in bookstores, so you’ll actually be getting them faster! Yay!


I’m getting quite excited about this as the time draws nearer. Thank you so much for licensing Bamboo Blade; it’s the main reason that I’m going to be picking up this magazine (and the main reason I was able to talk two others into subscribing). Soul Eater and Higurashi also look good, but it’s the kendo club that convinced me. Again, thank you!

Sean G

With the first release date coming up, the question now is whether we’ll be able to subscribe *before* it actually ships to stores! Come on, guys, throw us some subscription info!


So what’s going to happen to the first 2 volumes of the first haruhi manga series before the series that is currently ongoing?


Even though some people take it for granted, I love the little sections between the comics. Like articles on cooking, culture and when they try to help you learn the language. I hope you’ll put these in it, even though it might not be aimed for just girls like shojobeat thats why I kept reading them because they had pictures and easy-steps to cooking Asian food. ShouenJump had fun sections where you learned to speak Japanese but I rather learn korean. Anyways I think it’s great and I can’t wait till it comes out!!


Waah! I know! I will make it my personal mission to get you all SOME information on subscriptions this week, so help me God! You’ve all been so wonderfully patient, especially with the release being just over a month away! This week. Intern Abby will deliver!!


With manga chapters being around 20-30 pages on average and only 9 titles running currently, would I be correct to assume that you’ll be publishing multiple chapters at once?

Delicious Panda

Wow! This will be amazing. I’ve always hesitated from getting the Viz magazines because they…lacked. They just lacked in overall interest for me. But you have so many good manga that will be published in this! It’s exciting.
And I also agree with Xiphias (who commented way up there…) that picking up more Squeenix stuff would be amazing~ Bitter Virgin and Doubt are really great. But you already have so many amazing things going on~! Good job, guys! <3


Intern ABBY TO THE RESCUE! 🙂 can’t wait to subscribe 😉 Its almost like Shonen GanGan for the US 🙂

Robert Clarke

can’t wait to read soul eater, nabari no ou, bamboo blade, and higurashi no naku koro ni


Can you give me a release date for the UK please? Will it be the same as the US? (Hope hope hope.)


I’m subscribing as soon as I possibly can. Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (a.k.a. Higurashi When They Cry and When They Cry: Higurashi no naku koro ni) is my favorite anime/manga EVER. Thank you so much for licencing it! I can’t wait! Also, my friends have been saying that Soul Eater is really good, and I’ve heard a little about Sumomomo Momomo and Bamboo Blade, so I look forward to reading those, too 😀


Wah, I’m so glad Nabari No Ou was chosen…well, actually I was hoping to already find it in english manga book for production, so Im a bit dissapointed to have to wait for a whole year to be honest……but on the other hand, your antologies sound better than Viz’s, I stopped with theirs as Naruto was the only one I really bothered to read, and they keep getting thinner and smaller in content despite what they say. (plus Naruto and Bleach/long running titles are too expensive to keep up with sometimes)


I read the first issue (got it at San Diego Comic Con), and I gotta say, that it is awesome! I really want to subscribe right away so I don’t miss an issue. I like that your magazine is so much bigger (and has much more manga) than Viz’s Shojo Beat magazine. And thanks for taking over Ice Kunion’s titles (especially Chocolat and Goong)!

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