Monthly manga anthology magazine coming in Summer 2008!

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At last, the unveiling of YEN PLUS! The monthly manga anthology from Yen Press will be available on July 29th at major retailers nationwide. YEN PLUS will feature over 450 pages of the finest manga and manhwa for only $8.99 an issue! What’s more, YEN PLUS will read both ways–left-to-right AND right-to-left.

Start from the right for the best Japanese manga from Square Enix:

Read left-to-right for Korean manhwa and original English-language manga:

Subscriptions will be available in the U.S. and Canada so you can have YEN PLUS delivered right to your home! Keep checking back for more information, and be sure to look for YEN PLUS on July 29!



Just picked up issue 1 at borders. Congrats on a job well done. Nice to have a magazine with an older edge and variety!
Looking forward to many more issues….


I can’t wait to read the first issue, but when will I be able to subscribe online?


Will- there’s two titles not listed above, Sarasah and One Fine Day, both korean comics, so the magazine’s got a fair amount to add to the volume. Also, many chapters are over 30 pages…


I just got back from two weeks at camp and happened to see this magazine in the bookstore yesterday.
‘Yen Press? I remember hearing good things about them. They got Haruhi and lots of other great quality stuff.’ So I pick it up and say, how weird, and my brother goes,’Souleater! You must get this!’ So I look at the titles.
Bamboo Blade? Looks really interesting, I’ve heard good things about that and what little I’ve seen of the show is very promising. Sumomomo Momomo? I saw some of that too! Quite hilarious! I am also very happy to see Svetlana’s newest work, and that clinches it. I haven’t heard of most of these but I feel that because these publishers are great those will be enjoyable too.
So I buy it and trundle on home where I find,’OMG THIS IS FANTASTICAL!1!!!one!’
Great job on a wonderful first issue. 🙂


I am really impressed with your magazine; I haven’t enjoyed reading a manga magazing like this in a while. It is a interesting mix of genres and styles but they seem to all have one thing in common: quality.

So far I am particularily taken with Nabari No Ou and Maximum Ride…but they all look really good and I am only half done reading:)

I am seriously thinking about a subscription right now. I mean, What fun!; I get to read everything from chapter one and I like just about every fricking thing in it.


@ J: Yen Press actually picked up several of Shonen Gangan titles, coincidentaly. The other Japanese ones are from other Square Enix magazines.


So… I picked up Yen from Waldenbooks the other day. I was perusing the magazine section, looking to see if Shojo Beat had changed over yet, and lo and behold, here is this huuuuuge Mangazine just staring at me! I got so excited, I grabbed it and started flipping through it immediately. I love it. Wonderful.


I just got this, and I have to say I love it!
I would like to point out that you forgot to mention
“One Fine Day” and “Sarasah” as other series included in the anthology.


I’m from Sweden and they sell your magazines here in a bookstore 🙂 It’s really thick and good 🙂 Are you going to put in som extra storys and stuffs?


Are u going 2 make aanother pig bride book ? Cause that was a good one and I haven’t read it in a long time so please just send me a novle I’m waiting.

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